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GTA V - Cadet - 04-14-2015 01:56 PM

[Image: grand_theft_auto_v_ien172438.jpg]

Well its GTA V (PC) realease day today. So.... Who has got it ? who is getting it ?

I have it purchased and will be playing tonight. If there is anyway in games to setup groups i will be creating a H2H Group. Would be nice if there was a small gang of us Smile

RE: GTA V - Cadet - 04-14-2015 04:20 PM

CadetUK created the Crew: h2h_gaming_community
Crews are groups of Social Club members who play as a team to earn rewards in select Rockstar Games titles


RE: GTA V - Stoneshot - 04-28-2015 03:36 AM

I bought it a few days ago. I've got almost everything since I had it when I played the PS3. Surely I can play games with you guys if my timezone works well (US Central). Idk how the crew works, either I applied or I'm in; but I'm FormalVIP.

Also for future buyers, you might be able to get GTA5 cheaper on G2A.com:

RE: GTA V - Cadet - 04-28-2015 08:19 AM

yup you are in the crew buddy.

So far

I have it
Techmonkey has it
Frisson has it
Baghead has it
Fluffy has it

Next time you start it up, if any of us are online it will tell you.

Thoroughly enjoying the game so far (and haven't played any single player yet). Although the networking/loading between sessions needs some work.