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Full Version: The world is not what it seems
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Does anyone play Ingress? Its a game youi play outside with your smartphone. Join the Resistanse now!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92rYjlxqypM
Looked into and downloaded the app at one point, but never actually played it.
Played it for a week. My local area was saturated with high level opposing team points so was pretty rubbish. Got snarky messages from players when I tried to attack high level stuff so gave up pretty quickly.
Ahh ok well i am playing it now and having fun with it but it is a game where you need to dive in to understand what your doing

ps. thx for adding the picture Smile
Christian and me are Enlightened you traitor !!!
christian is lvl 8 and i am close to lvl 6
O no i am the playing FOR mankinds freedom where you think we will get better from the Exotic Matter????? YOUR WRONG switch sides while you can!!!!!!!
BTW i am Lvl 5 (not bad for only 8 dayes of playing)
I wanna play but not on Windows phone Sad
I have been to the anomly in Stuttgart last Saturday. 1700 Ingress Players.
This would have been awesome if I wouldn't have gone to bed at 5 a.m. and being drunk like hell the night before.
Still was good fun and got a lot of "equipment".
Like Dieter said, I am lvl 8 but since I have reached it, interest is not that big anymore.
Except walking around in a group and have fun together.
And btw Alex it is never too late to join the wise faction as you are only afraid of xm because you don't know anything about it Big Grin
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