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Posted by: Cadet - 04-14-2015 01:56 PM
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[Image: grand_theft_auto_v_ien172438.jpg]

Well its GTA V (PC) realease day today. So.... Who has got it ? who is getting it ?

I have it purchased and will be playing tonight. If there is anyway in games to setup groups i will be creating a H2H Group. Would be nice if there was a small gang of us Smile

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Posted by: Cadet - 03-04-2015 10:08 AM
1815 Views - 1 Replies

[Image: 1009340_LB_231x326_en_US_%5E_2014-03-31-...7e6d00.jpg]

An old classic - probably crap now, but hey ... its free


Genre: Action
Release Date: 6 June 1993
Rating: PEGI : 12+
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Bullfrog Productions
Supported Languages: English (US)
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In the dark and twisted cities of tomorrow, corporate syndicates compete for global dominance.

But the boardroom deals and corporate takeovers of the future look very different from today: they are lead by marketing directors who manage teams of half-men, half-machine cyborgs with no conscience and plenty of guns.

You are an ambitious marketing director in the Syndicate, hand-picked to lead a team of cyborg mercenaries. You work in the problem-solving department and you are damn good at "taking care" of problems. Some might say that violence is not the answer but you know better. There here are hardly any problems that you can't solve with a well-placed bullet. Collateral damage in the local population and infrastructure during the "negotiations" is, as always, acceptable. After all, what would you expect form the dystopian futuristic world run by mega-corporations?

Syndicate is Bullfrog's masterpiece of a game in which you aren't saving the world or protecting innocents. You just make sure that your employers get what they want. At your disposal are four cyborg agents, an impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets, and a massive selection of cybernetic upgrades. You are free to unleash this power on a highly interactive map where you can blow up buildings, steal cars, light trees on fire, or just shoot stuff. Produced by Peter Molyneux himself, Syndicate is the essence of cyberpunk and, with its great music, stylized visuals, and mind-blowing atmosphere, it has earned its place among the best games of all time. Make sure to check out the game that secured Bullfrog's place in game development hall of fame.

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